We work for the
socio-labor inclusion
of people with disabilities.



We cocreate a world where people with disabilities can live their lives to the fullest, accessing health care programs, education, social protection and work with no barriers.

A world where environments are designed having all people in mind.

Understanding that diversity is an attribute and that disability is just another form of our well-known human diversity.


We’re the only organization that works at a regional level and with all kinds of disabilities.

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Our story 

Incluyeme.com was founded on 2013 by Gabriel along with two friends. Gabriel had a taste on his own of the difficulties disabled people go through when looking for a job. His father spent more than 2 years unemployed despite of having a bachelor’s degree and postgraduate studies.

After working for more than 10 years in multinational corporations, Gabriel decided to launch Incluyeme.com to change the reality of people with disabilities, just like his father.


We work with more than 500 leading companies in all types of business industries

Our team

Gabriel Marcolongo
Founder & CEO

Santiago Libertella
Sales Director

Gabriela Garciadiego
Operations Director

Julieta Bermudez
Administration and Finance Manager

Carolina Parra
HR & Customer Happiness manager 

Paola Zapfe
Impact Developer Manager

Georgina Grennon
Communication and Growth Manager

Foto Clara

Clara Popeo
Social Innovation Manager

Claudia Bustos
Regional Purpose Manager Norte

Laura Tlachi
Purpose Manager México

Fabiola Decoberti
Administration and Finance Analyst

Delfina Daglio
Corporate Citizenship Manager

Paz Ruiz
Impact Developer Argentina, Uruguay y Paraguay

Lorena Olivas
Impact Developer México

Daniela Vásquez
Impact Developer Chile

Sol Esaine
Impact Developer Perú y Colombia

Laura Espinoza
Customer Happiness Analyst

María José Acosta
UX Marketing Analyst

Daiana Miguel
Sales Selection

Florencia Flores
Outbound Analyst

Carla Fernandez
Purpose Manager Chile

Lina Marcela Rojas Montoya

Juanita Pulecio Henao
Purpose Manager Colombia y Perú

Lina Marcela Rojas Montoya

Lina Rojas Montoya
Training Specialist

Eileen Wilson
Purpose Manager Argentina y Uruguay

Melisa Pietrobon
Customer Happiness Analyst

Josefina Balcarce
Customer Happiness

Rodrigo Rojas
External Consultant

Javiera Parra
Recruitment Trainee

Hugo Rojas
Purpose Manager Paraguay

Manuela Aguirre
Customer Happiness Analyst

Carolina Perez Guazzini
Technical Director

Fiamma Filippelli
Customer Happiness Analyst

Melanie Bridger
Operations Analyst

We empower people with disabilities

We seek and welcome a more equitable and inclusive society. We truly believe in the value of diversity. This is why we focus our work on the following Sustainable Development goals




Our success is measured by the people’s well-being

We see profit as a means to an end, which is an economy that includes all people and that can create integral value for the world.

We work for an economy where success is measured by the well-being of people, societies and nature.

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