Disability Pride Month: Why is it celebrated?

Disability Pride Month: Why is it celebrated?

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During the month of July, Disability Pride Month is commemorated worldwide. This celebration aims to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of society. It is a time to recognize and value the diversity of people with disabilities and work towards a more inclusive world.

Why is it celebrated during this month?

The timing was not chosen randomly: in the United States, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted on July 26, 1990. The ADA is a historic civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in various areas of public life, such as employment, transportation, public places, and government services. Additionally, it establishes standards and requirements to ensure accessibility, which includes the installation of accessible ramps, elevators, adapted bathrooms, among other measures.

Throughout this month, events and activities are held to recognize the achievements and contributions of people with disabilities. Parades, conferences, art exhibitions, and personal stories are shared on different platforms. These initiatives help raise awareness and visibility of the different realities faced by this segment of the population.

People with disabilities encounter physical and social barriers that hinder their full participation in society. Stigma and discrimination can limit their employment opportunities, access to education, and social engagement. To change this reality, it is necessary for businesses, governments, educational institutions, and society as a whole to commit to the cause. This entails creating accessible environments, promoting inclusive education, ensuring equal rights and job opportunities, and advocating for representation in the media and decision-making processes.

It is crucial to understand that disability does not define or determine a person’s worth. Diversity enriches us as a society. We can collectively reach our full potential only when all individuals are included, regardless of our differences.

Authors: Tamara Román and Lina Marcela Rojas Montoya

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